The Micro/Nano/Molecular Biotechnology Lab is located on the third floor of building 20 of the North Campus Research Center (NCRC) on the North Campus of the University of Michigan. We are equipped with soft lithography (SLF), cell culture (CCF), micromachining, and microscopy facilities.

We provide access to our facilities to outside users on a monthly rental basis. Rental rates are for rapid prototyping and if you require extensive use of materials or other types of facility use, additional fees may apply.

For non-UM affiliated users, you must contact Professor Takayama (takayama@umich.edu) to arrange to discuss equipment usage and rental fees. Print out and complete the External SLF/CCF Access Form

Current rates for University of Michigan-affiliated labs are $160/month for SLF usage and $230/month for CCF and are charged once/4 months. For UM-affiliated labs interested in using our facilities for soft lithography or cell culture, please complete the following:

  1. Contact Cameron Yamanishi (email: yamacam@umich.edu) to schedule an appointment to discuss your project. Appointments can be made M-Th between 9:30am-2:30pm.
  2. Print out and complete the Internal SLF/CCF Access Form.
    1. Fill out the appropriate contact information
    2. Write a brief description of your proposed research including materials, chemicals, and equipment you plan on using. This will help us determine if we have the appropriate facilities for your project as well as to schedule the appropriate training. (Add additional pages as needed)
    3. Initial the appropriate safety training acknowledgements. NOTE: Some of these requirements can only be met once you have received lab orientation and training and you can initial these at a later time.
    4. Enter the billing shortcode for SLF or CCF usage
    5. If your research changes significantly from your description, you must receive approval for your proposed changes.
  3. Complete the Occupational Safety and Environmental (OSEH) Comprehensive Laboratory Safety Training. Schedules of classes are listed online at http://www.osehtraining.umich.edu/osehtraining. Upon completing the training, email Cameron Yamanishi (email: yamacam@umich.edu) a copy of the Certificate of Completion.
  4. Onsite Access
    1. Meet with Cameron Yamanishi (M-Th, 9:30am-2:30pm) on your first day at our lab.
    2. Bring a copy of your SLF/CCF Access Form and copy of your OSEH Training Certificate if you have not already sent to Cameron Yamanishi.
    3. We will make a copy of your UM Student ID and verify we have a copy of your OSEH Training Certificate.
    4. Schedule appropriate lab safety training – contact Mayte Brown to receive a copy of our training checklist and coordinate lab-specific safety training and equipment-specific training before beginning work in our lab.

CyBi-FeliX 96 Channel Liquid Handler

The Cybi-Felix is a very flexible and compact liquid handling platform for the precise processing of whole microplates in different volume ranges with additional format possibilities.

BioSpherix OxyCycler model C42

The OxyCycler allows control and monitoring of critical environmental parameters for our cell cultures.

Autolab Potentiostat Galvanostat

The Autolab PGSTAT128N is a low current and low noise potentiostat/galvanostat for a wide range of electrochemical applications.

Femto Science Covance Plasma Oxidiser

The Covance 1-MP is a multi-purpose plasma processing system for cleaning & activating
substrates, polymerization, plasma grafting, etching surfaces, and cell attachment for bio-chip and micro-electronics applications.

Graphtec Cutting Pro FC7000MK2-60

This cutting plotteris used for rapid prototyping of cut-tape microfluidics, microfluidic molds, and photomasks.

Additional Equipment

CyBi Well 96-well Simultaneous Pipettor

Brewer Science Cee-200X Spin Coater

Sutter Instrument P-87 Micropipette Puller

LBME Clean Room Facility